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Ari Rubenstein is co-founder and chief executive officer of Global Trading Systems. and our firm is committed to addressing the latest trends in electronic trading.ELECTRONIC TRADING AND ORDER ROUTING SYSTEMS DISCLOSURE Electronic trading and order routing systems differ from traditional open outcry pit trading and manual order.Point decimal strategy leader. computer and more well-versed.

The electronic trading system presently accounts for an annual trading volume worth 88 trillion dollar in the US fixed income market.The SEC Asks For Comment On Whether Technology Should Change.NEW YORK (AP) — Wall Street remained closed Tuesday, and U.S. stock exchanges said they were testing contingency plans to ensure trading resumes as soon.II. THE STRUCTURE OF FOREIGN EXCHANGE MARKETS Before we discuss electronic brokers and Internet trading, we need an overview of the general structure of the foreign.Commodity Exchange Act: Issues Related to the Regulation of Electronic Trading Systems GGD-00-99: Published: May 5, 2000.Jefferies Electronic Trading Solutions (JETS) offers global trading solutions partnered with local expertise through Algorithmic Trading and Direct Market Access.

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Electronic Trading Systems, Inc., Beverly Hills CA 90211, Phone Number 310-289-2352, Address 9903 Santa Monica Boulevard Suite 392 Beverly Hills, Business type.Fungible trading elements are electronically displayed and the system.

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Our global trading technology platform connects investors to trade in large size.An electronic trading system facilitates electronic trades of fungible trading elements.About Electronic Trading Systems is located at the address 9903 Santa Monica Blvd in Beverly Hills, California 90212.Technical and business information for systems development to current CME Group electronic trading.

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Electronic trading systems with significant volume would form the second tier of exchanges.

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The right technology can remove barriers, reduce costs, save time, all while.

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FuturesOnline utilizes electronic trading software with the active trader in mind.First fully domestic Internet screen based on line, real time fully electronic and computerized securities and futures exchange using the proprietary Electronic.

COMMODITY EXCHANGE ACT IssuesRelatedtothe Regulation of Electronic Trading Systems United States General Accounting Office GAO Report to Congressional Requesters.

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Electronic Trading Systems: Strategic Implications of Market Design Choices Hugues Levecq Bruce W.Literature on the institutional adoption of information technology (IT) can be classified into two approaches, one emphasizing rationalistic goal-oriented behavior.Modern financial markets compete aggressively for trading activity and investor interest.Information technology, once a crucial element in streamlining paper fl.This paper examines the impact of electronic trading systems on the bid-ask spreads in the foreign exchange market.